BBM_BooksOur Earth seen from space resembles a big blue marble. Approaching earth, it is a vastness of oceans and gardens with a few deserts thrown in for variety. Beautiful! But at a closer look the garden planet is in trouble.

Millions are hungry, animals are endangered, the water is dirty. Is this what you want your children to inherit as their future and their children’s future?

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for us to feel that there are too many problems and that there is nothing a single person can do to make a difference. Big Blue Marble books addresses this hopeless feeling by teaching children and the adults that love them that everyone can make a difference in a lot of little ways, whether it is recycling a plastic water bottle, picking up trash on the beach or simply collecting coins to save up awardfor a donation to your favorite cause. The first book in our series “Save Coins for Causes” is Let’s Make a Difference: We Can Help Orangutans.

Big Blue Marble, a 501©3 nonprofit organization, cares about the Earth and cares about our children’s future. As reviewer Wendy Werris of Publishers Weekly wrote, “Big Blue Marble is ‘A Press with a Mission’.”